Your Republican/Conservative/Independent vote may never count as much as now!

Early Voting Saturday, October 24 – Sunday, November 1,  
General Election Day is Tuesday November 3rd  

  • Maintaining the Republican/Conservative/Independent majority on the Town of Ulster Board is critical. Absolutely Critical.
  • The Democrat/Liberal Party is making a huge effort to get control of the Town of Ulster and The County of Ulster
  • History proves that the Town of Ulster stumbles, at best, when the Democrats have the majority
  • History proves that the Town of Ulster prospers with the Republican/Conservative/Independent majority
  • This is the first year of “Early Voting” in our area. This can be an advantage to Democrats because, they “get out the vote”.
  • Republicans, Conservatives and Independents MUST “Get Out and VOTE” to keep this successful team together
  • Clayton Van Kleeck and Eric Kitchen must be voted in for Town Councilmen to maintain a strong, safe and vibrant community
  • Not Voting? This will result in the Democrats having a majority on the town board (CONTROL). Potentially resulting in conflict and dysfunction.

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